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Triple Constraints

The concepts and strategies offered by Author, Kim Liegel, in her pioneering book, Make It Happen!, are being applied by ultra-successful companies across the world. These real-world techniques offer teachers and students a learning process that leads to success beyond the classroom.  

Many parents are not aware that the traditional teaching methods they experienced in school are being replaced, and that new skills are now required to compete for grades. Project-based learning (PBL) is a new concept in education being widely implemented around the country and the world. Studies are showing double-digit performance improvements as a result of implementing PBL programs. 

With more teachers assigning projects, the task of doing multiple and simultaneous classroom projects is a common predicament. While PBL is garnering support as an effective teaching method, there remains no formal curriculum in teaching project concepts or discipline within the education K-12 continuum.  

Likewise, teachers are unlikely to have training in formal project concepts or discipline themselves, making the consistent, effective use of projects as a teaching tool that much more challenging.

Partner Spotlight - Prelude

Kim Liegel PMP, author of Make It Happen! and Dr. Howard B. Esbin, creator of Prelude, are joining forces. They want to offer their complementary learning resources together to interested educators and project managers.

Make It Happen! outlines practical engaging ways to introduce successful Project-Based Learning in the classroom. Prelude is a learning game to use at the start of team-based activity. It helps team members to build trust and to better appreciate their combined skills and assets at the start of a project when this is crucial. Offering both Make It Happen! and Prelude together will provide double impact and value for teachers and students.

The goal of the partnership is to support the virtuous circle developing between students, educators, and the workplace. For more information, please stay tuned for Liegel and Esbin’s upcoming White Paper – Virtuous Circles: Learning & Livelihood in the 21st Century.

Pioneering Piloters Welcome: Teachers and Project Managers are invited to pilot both the book and game together. For more information, please contact

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